Kaine (d_kaine) wrote in ruukina,


Have my books :P

Dragonborn Cleric. Worships Bahamut. Equal parts healing and fighting. Basically what you all probably imagined me playing.
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I worked out a couple rules and guidelines for characters in my game, I don't expect it should be a problem

-Give your character some background, quirks and motivation, I'm not expecting anything burning wheel level but he should have a little personality.
-Please don't make evil characters.
-I need to approve all monster manual races, odds are I will.
-The rolling method of stat generation is not recommended.
-You're free to rename your spells and powers to better suit them to your character's flavor.
My character has PLENTY of background. He's a dragon, and everybody loves him. All of his powers will be renamed with names of moves from Dragonball Z.
Okay, now I no longer like him.
Good that you don't like that one, because that wasn't him at all. That was me trying to make Nick explode with rage...or making him depressed.