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Okay, so now that most folk have started school again, i was wondering if everyone who wants to keep on playing Burning Wheel, or whatever game, could post their availability. That way we can know who'll be available on what days, and if there feels like to many people for one campaign then maybe we can have multiple days with more than one game going...because from last count i think there will be like 10 or so of us who had interest in playing during the school year.
That's all i got.
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Oh yeah, i suppose i should go first, from now until October. I'm free Tuesday-Friday, pretty much any time.
now that we have internet I think you will get more responses.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday I'm free like after 5:30. Tuesday, Thursday it's not till like 7. Saturday and Sunday are free.
I am pretty much always available after 5:30. The latest I ever get out of class is 5:20 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I don't work on weekdays starting next week.

Deleted comment

I am unemployed, so I can be free pretty much whenever.

My friend Dustin is interested in playing if we start a new campaign, and he works the standard 9-5 in Providence, so after 5:45 or so would be good if we're playing in Narragansett.
so....we are still good on the days we had XD

I'm free every night but Sat. Night...for this quarter
Jamie is free just about every night 'cept thursdays.

What about Nile and Dimitri?
Okay, Nile and Dimitri are jerks because they still haven't posted after repeated hasslings. Nile now has zero free time because he just got into the play and Dimitri has no evenings free until october, so...
Well then it sounds like it's pretty much the same group of us as before. So we could probably keep on playing the same game, just cut it down to one night a week. Anyone else have any ideas?
same game sounds good to me, I might pick another day and start a game in the future but not right away. So, day and time?
Also if it becomes too much for you I can do some sort of spillover game.
it seems wednesdays is good for everyone, which i can do now, as long as I don't suddenly have band again
well we could do wednesdays...only thing is i have work early on thursdays so we would have to wrap things up before it's wicked late. But at least this way dim can play again. So wednesdays everyone?
wednesdays work for me after like 5:30