Nicholas DiPetrillo (santovendetta) wrote in ruukina,
Nicholas DiPetrillo

The Life and Times of Simon Constance

So I decided to write a journal from the point of view of my character, here's the first few entries.

The 15th day of Aubertine, Year of the Dimming Sun:

I passed through the town of Oakridge today, my last stop before the Dwarven lands. I saw some children digging through the trash, brother and sister I think, refugees by their appearance. When I approached them the boy clutched his discarded apple core like a wild dog guarding a prize, I believe he actually growled at me. What times are these that our children are reduced to beasts? The girl though, she looked at me with tears filling her little eyes and asked me “are you an angel? Have you come to take us to mommy and daddy?”. I stood there, unsure of what answer one man could possibly give to that. Eventually I managed to calm down the boy and with my last few coins sat down and bought them a decent meal. The boy shoveled meat into his mouth like a man four times his size, I wondered how such a little belly can hold it all. The girl, the sweetest thing offered to share with me. I declined of course. It's been so long since I've been hungry, I've actually forgotten what it feels like and even worse, what it can do to a person over time. Hunger turned a boy into an animal but made a little girl's light burn brighter than ever in the growing dark. I wish there was more I could do for them, but I have a larger mission to destroy source of their misery. It is not enough to put a cold cloth on a fever, you must first remove the bad blood that caused it.

Today's meditation: The sun is beautiful from afar but the closer you move towards it the more suffering you find.

The 17th day of Aubertine, year of the Dimming Sun

Yesterday was a day of uneventful walking, today however had some excitement. A gang of bandits attempted to rob me. I think they have have been rather disappointed had they succeeded, I really have nothing worth taking. Well, I suppose they were disappointed in failure too. As Pelor decreeded, no axe shall cut the flesh of his true servants and in his name I rained Pelor's Love down on them until they could fight no more. As their bones cracked under my mace I began to think about that boy in Oakridge, will this be his future? To rob men on a roadside until one without mercy bests him. Desperate times breed desperate men. Well I'm on dwarven patrolled roads no so I do not anticipate any further problems.

Today's meditation: Pelor gave us manner in the wilderness, sadly it seems many have declined his generous gift.

The 20th day of Aubertine, year of the Dimming Sun

I've been in the city for half a day now, I've noticed my glow produces the most ghastly shadows on the walls of a dwarven hold so I've surpressed it. Besides, I don't think the dwarves liked the bright light anyway. Although there are few dwarves around anyway, the shops are all closed up, the men are off to war and the women hide their children when I pass by. I'm not certain if they are just scared or if they are scared of me. This place is so dim and lonely, Pelor's presence has never felt weaker in me.

Today's meditation: It is always darkest before the dawn.

The 21st day of Aubertine, year of the Dimming Sun

The dwarves have gathered all the able warriors in one spot. No one has said it but I believe I've been conscripted. My mission remains unchanged, I will stop Hextor. If this furthers my goals I will go along with it, otherwises I am out. Two new faces just entered, a hobgoblin, I'm surprised they let him in and a human man. The goblin man holds his shoulders heavy, it appears death follows him everywhere, from the look of his flail there's as much in front of him as in back. There's something trustworthy about the human man, Pelor's light hits him particularly hard, it could be a sign.

Today's meditation: The sun's light reflects off everything.
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